11 June 2009

Citations of the DCM 1914-1920

Citations of The Distinguished Conduct Medal in the Great War 1914-1920

The Naval & Military Press has this to say about this four volume set:

"This much-needed series lists the full citations of the Distinguished Conduct Medal (and second and third award bars) in the Great War. The DCM may not have the cachet of the VC, but the deeds told in the citations for the award are just as heroic and inspiring.

"Section 1 of the series lists DCMs won by members of the Royal Flying Corps and (from April 1918) of the Royal Air Force; the Foot Guards; and the Yeomanry and Cavalry. Section 2 covers the Line Regiments. Section 3 the Territorial Army Regiments including the RGLI/RNVR/RMLI and RMA; the Royal Engineers and the Royal Artillery. Section 4 covers the Corps and the overseas forces of the Crown in alphabetical order: Australia; the British West Indies Regiment; Canada; India; Newfoundland; New Zealand; Rhodesia; South and East Africa.

"The citations for DCMs are hard to find - unit histories often have no space for more than a brief mention; or just the bare fact of the award tucked away in an appendix. Others are lost in the labyrinth of small print in the official ‘London Gazette’. But, thanks to the research of Rob Walker, who compiled the citations, and the tireless work of Chris Buckland who oversaw the mammoth task of typing of all 25,000+ citations, the brave deeds which won the medals are here for all to see."

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