6 September 2011

DNW auction - 23rd September 2011

I see that Dix Noonan Webb has another medals' auction coming up in a couple of weeks' time. You can browse the Dix Noonan Webb auction catalogue here, and the image above - a Carib War Medal from 1773 - is lot number one of 966 lots in all.

I've been a fan of DNW for some while. The company provides good background on the lots and often good images too - and I've used plenty of the latter on this blog. Furthermore, for those of us whose pockets are not too deep, it can sometimes appear, from the estimated values given, that some groups and singles may be within easy reach. At least that's what I've thought on a number of occasions, only to watch in horror as the auction estimates are surpassed by many hundreds of pounds. There are some lots in the upcoming sale which again appear to be drastically under-valued; some by as much as fifty per cent if some dealers' catalogues are anything to go by. Still, it's nice to dream for a while, and to hope that all serious medal collectors and dealers will somehow forget all about the 23rd September and go shopping in Ikea instead. Dream on.


  1. Its the auction houses way of enticing you to bid keep the estimate down and make you think you have a chance of winning. I agree with you nice to think just this once the dealers and the serious collectors may just forget about it on the day or miss the medal you have your eye on lol

  2. Well Jon, I've gone through the motions of saving some items in my cabinet but whether or not I actually bid on the day remains to be seen. But at least for now they're in my cabinet - and very nice they look too.

  3. Hi Paul
    i too have a couple in my cabinet, and in my neates cabinet and in my dreweatts cabinet, so out of the 6 items saved i would be happy with winning one of them. lol
    Now how many kidneys do i have to fund this hobby lol

  4. Think of it as an investment. That's what I tell my wife.


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