23 September 2011


Ah well, nothing again from today's Dix Noonan Webb auction, and whilst the illustrated example above wasn't exactly typical of the gulf between estimate and hammer price, as I mentioned the other week, hammer prices for the most part left most of the estimates well and truly in the shade. I had my eye on a few groups, mostly those with an LSGC as part of the offering but I didn't actually bid in the end. A nice Crimean War / Indian Mutiny group (estimated at a low £500-£600) went for £1600 whilst an Egypt / Khedive's pair with LSGC (estimate £320-£360) went for £680; too rich for my pocket, particularly when you add on the 20% buyer's premium and VAT. Never mind.


  1. the two items i had my eye on went well over the estimates and out of my price range. But its nice to dream for a short while lol

  2. Indeed; still, there's always the next time... and the next... and the next...


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