7 April 2012

Lost Medals Australia

An honourable mention here to Lost Medals Australia and the associated Lost Medals Australia blog. Run by Lt Col Glyn Llanwarne, Lost Medals Australia has, since 2000, been returning lost medals to veterans or their families. This is a free service supported through donations of 'found' medals.  To date, an impressive 1111 medals have been returned.

The image on this post has been taken from the Lost Medals Australia blog and the fascinating story of the return of a First World War pair owned by a former mayor of St Kilda. Well done, Glyn, and thanks for following this blog.


  1. Paul
    A very impressive Blog.
    Which I found off Glyn Llanwarne's blog. And which I have bookmarked to my Sunday morning reading.
    Bill Wyndham

  2. Thanks Bill, it only scratches the surface really but hopefully provides passing interest to some.


  3. Very interesting this initiative .. ! Congratulations.



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