12 October 2014

The Italy Star

For the Royal Navy and the Merchant Navy, the 1939-45 Star must have been earned by six months' service in operations before the qualifying period for the Italy Star could commence. Service in the following areas would qualify: Mediterranean and Aegean seas; operations in and around the Dodecanese, Corsica, Greece, Sardinia and Yugoslavia after 11th June 1943.

For the Army, no prior time qualification. The following operational areas of service qualified: Aegean, Dodacenese, Corsica, Greece, Sardinia, Yugoslavia and Elba between 11th June 1943 and 8th May 1945.

For the RAF, no prior time qualification. Operational qualification consisted of participation in aircrew service within the Mediterranean theatre including sorties from the Mediterranean area over Europe.

Bronze, 43mm diameter six-pointed star. The Royal cypher GRI with the roman numerals VI below. The cypher is surmounted by a crown and within a circlet which reads, THE ITALY STAR. All the Second World War Stars were designed by The Royal Mint.

32mm wide, a central yellow stripe (symbolising the desert) and two dark green stripes either side (symbolising forests). From the left, equal stripes of red, white, green, white and red (the colours of the Italian flag). This ribbon, in common with all WW2 Star ribbons, was designed by His Majesty the King, King George VI.

A ring attached to the uppermost point of the star.

Issued unnamed although some stars may have been privately engraved.


Photo courtesy of Sarah Jane Framing and Medals.  Text assistance from British Battles & Medals.

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