14 February 2015

Victory's boxer nose

I've just picked up a Queen's Sudan and a Khedive's Sudan to an Indian soldier. The claw on the Queen's Sudan is a little loose and both medals show signs of having been polished over the years. Queen Victoria is a little rubbed - Her Majesty would not be amused - and Victory (above and below) looks as though she's run into a brick wall or done ten rounds in the ring with a boxing champion.

So the medals are far from perfect, but as far as I'm concerned, both are preferable to groups which have had their original ribbons removed and then been artfully court-mounted for display. Heaven forbid, there are plenty of medals on the market - and many in regimental collections for that matter - which have been lacquered.

The Queen's Sudan Medal is one of my favourites. Not only is the design is just wonderful, those heavily impressed capital letters along the edge of today's acquisition are works of art in their own right. Besides which, a bloody and battered nose for Victory after her encounter with the Fuzzy-wuzzies is absolutely spot on.

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