16 June 2009

1914-15 Star


First World War. Officers and men of British and Imperial Forces who served in any theatre of war between 5th August 1914 and 31st December 1915, but excluding those officers and men who were already entitled to receive the 1914 Star. No bars were issued for this medal.

The 1914-15 Star is similar to the 1914 Star. A bronze four-pointed star design, Wikipedia gives the dimensions as 50mm high and 45 mm wide. Obverse; the upper point is replaced with a crown and solid fixed suspension ring. Two crossed short swords are positioned between the arms of the star and a scroll, longer than that on the 1914 Star, and bearing the date 1914-15 passes around the centre of the swords. The central area is surrounded by an oak wreath bearing a King George V (GV) monogram on the lower point. Reverse: plain. Recipient’s details impressed on the reverse.

Red white and blue in shaded and watered stripes. The same ribbon is used for the 1914 Star.

Impressed in sans- serif capitals.

In total, around 2, 366,000 1914-15 Stars were issued. Men serving during WW1 and qualifying for this medal were also entitled to the British War Medal and Victory Medal.

The image above shows the 1914-15 Star court-mounted trio awarded to 236418 Sapper Henry Peirce of the Royal Engineers.

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