12 July 2010

Natal Rebellion Medal

The Natal Government was authorised to issue this medal on the 9th May 1907.

Awarded to all those who took part in the suppression of the Zulu rising in 1906.

36mm diameter silver medal with milled edge featuring the coinage head of King Edward VII on the obverse, and the legend EDWARDVS VII REX IMPERATOR. The reverse depicts Britannia and Natalia, Britannia holding an orb, surmounted by the figure of Peace, and Natalia holding a sword. Natives can be seen in the distance. The word NATAL appears in the exergue.

The medal was designed and manufactured by the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company in London. Some bronze trial strikings still exist.

32mm wide; crimson with black edges.

Plain straight suspender.

Officers' medal are engraved, other ranks' impressed. Some unnamed copies also exist.

One clasp - 1906 - was issued. Around 10,000 medals were issued, and of these around 20 per cent were issued without the 1906 clasp. Entitlement to the clasp was to have served for a continuous period of fifty days or more. Medals without the clasp were awarded to men who had served continuously for between twenty and forty-nine days.

The Natal Rebellion medal was the first medal to be awarded with the sovereign's head facing to the right.

Photograph courtesy of Aberdeen Medals. British Battles and Medals, as always, has been invaluable in putting together the information.