19 December 2011

Falklands DSC group sells for £120,000

Hammer price on the Falklands DSC group; lot 1056 last Friday, was £120,000.  Add the DNW premium of 20% (£24,000) and 20% VAT on that premium (£4,800) and you're looking at a grand total of £148,800.  Wonder how much it will go for when it next comes up for sale?

Photo courtesy of Dix Noonan Webb.

6 December 2011

WW1 Campaign Medals - dates of issue

The following information, in much abbreviated form, is taken from Howard Williamson's, The Great War Medal Collectors' Companion:

1914 Star
Issued as a single medal from January 1919 to October 1920
Issues of the 1914 Star Trio between November 1920 and end of 1922, with late issues from 1923

1914 Clasp and Roses
Main issue dates between January 1920 and July 1921
Issued with Trios from November 1920

1915/15 Star
Issued as a single medal from January 1920 to September 1920
Issues of the 1914/15 Star Trio between October 1920 and 1926, barring late issues

British War Medal & Victory Medal
First issues mainly to 1914 and 1914/15 Star recipients.  Trio issues, see dates above.
Majority of pairs issued between November 1920 and December 1927

Territorial Force War Medal
Majority issued between 1922 and 1926

MID Emblems
Majority despatched between April 1920 and May 1921
Incorporated with 1914 Star Trios from April 1920 and 1914/15 Star Trios from July 1920

The above information may be helpful in dating photographs of service personnel wearing a single 1914 Star (with or without clasp) or 1914/15 Star; similarly photos of men wearing just the ribbon for these medals.