3 December 2009

Punjab Campaign Medal

Authorised by a General Order dated 2nd April 1849.

Awarded to all those who were employed in the Punjab between 7th September 1848 and the 14th March 1849.

A silver, 36mm diameter medal featuring the diademed head of Queen Victoria on the obverse and the legend VICTORIA REGINA. The medal was designed by William Wyon (1795-1851) who was the official chief engraver of the Royal Mint from 1828 until his death.

The reverse depicts Major-General Sir Walter Gilbert on horseback, receiving the surrender of the Sikh armies. Around the top of the medal is the inscription TO THE ARMY OF THE PUNJAB, whilst the date (1853 expressed in roman numerals) - MDCCCXLIX - appears in the exergue.

32mm wide, two yellow stripes close to each edge, the remainder dark blue.

An ornamental, swivelling suspender.

Impressed in roman capitals.

Three were issued and these are described below:

1. Mooltan
Awarded to those who took part in the siege of Mooltan between 7th September 1848 and 22nd January 1849. 2900 clasps were issued to Europeans and 16,067 to natives.

2. Chilianwala
Awarded for the action of 13th January 1849. 4300 clasps were issued to Europeans and 16,153 to natives.

3. Goojerat
Awarded for the action of 21st February 1849. 6200 clasps were issued to Europeans and 26,760 to natives.

The photograph is taken from the Spink & Son July 2009 auction catalogue whilst British Battles and Medals, as always, has been invaluable in putting together the information.