Medal Research

Medals can tell you a lot about a soldier. At the very least, a medal can help tell you what campaign a man served in. Sometimes this might be a campaign spanning several years, for others a campaign lasting a few weeks or months. If the medal is impressed around the rim or on the reverse you may also be able to glean information about the man's regiment, his unit or battalion, his rank and his regimental number. All of this can lead to further revelations through military research.

Over the last six years I have published regimental number sequences for various regiments as well as observations and thoughts on anything number-related.  This can be found on my Army Service Numbers blog.

I also offer a paid research service which, unlike some so-called Forces War experts, won't cost you an arm and a leg and won't take up to 45 days to deliver.

What you'll get is a report on your ancestor's service based on surviving documentation and the benefit of over 35 years' military history research experience.

Research costs from £12 per individual and I deliver 95 per cent of reports within 48 hours.

Here's how it works.

1. Email me at telling me what you need help with.
2. If possible, please give the man's full name, regiment and regimental number.
3. I will respond to your enquiry by return, giving you a cost for the service

If I don't think I can add anything, I won't string you along. But if I can find out more information, I'll be happy to let you know. All fees are agreed and settled in advance of any research being undertaken.

Paul Nixon
December 2015


  1. I have a Lucknow Medal, bar and Ribbon awarded to Army Sgt.Wm Blake, 53rd Regt.Any idea of Value would be appreciated.

  2. Probably £450-£500 as a guide but it will also depend on condition, whether the man has surviving papers, if there is accompanying research etc.


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