14 July 2009

British Army Medals - Index

This index of medals awarded to soldiers serving with the British Army will be regularly updated. Medals are indexed in date order. Click on the medal to go to the relevant page on this site.

18th Century

Military General Service Medal [1793-1814]
Seringapatam Medal [1799]
Army of India Medal [1799-1826]

19th Century 1800-1850

Honourable East India Company's Egypt Medal [1802]
42nd Foot Medal [1819]
Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal [1830]
Coorg Medal [1837]
Ghuznee Medal [1839]
Ghuznee Medal - Earl of Auckland's Medal [1839]
Candahar, Cabul and Ghuznee Medal [1841-1842]
Defence of Kelat-i-Ghilzie [1842]
Jellalabad Medals [1841-1842]
China War Medal [1843]
Scinde Campaign Medals [1843]
Gwalior Campaign Stars [1843]
Sutlej Campaign Medal [1845-1846]
Punjab Campaign Medal [1848-1849]

19th Century 1850-1899

South Africa Medal 1834-1853 [1854]
India General Service Medal [1854-1895]
Crimea War Medal [1854]
Turkish Crimea Medal [1855]
Indian Mutiny Medal [1857-1858]
Canada General Service Medal [1866-1870]
Ashantee Medal [1873-1874]
Arctic Medal [1876]
South Africa Medal [1877-1879]
Afghanistan Medal [1878-1880]
Kabul to Kandahar Star [1880]
Cape of Good Hope General Service Medal [1880-1897]
Egypt Medal [1882-1889]
Khedive's Star [1882-1889]
North West Canada Medal [1885]
Royal Niger Company's Medal [1886-1899]
East and West Africa Medal [1887-1900]
Hong Kong Plague Medal [1894]
India Medal [1895-1902]
Queen's Sudan Medal [1896-1898]
Queen's South Africa Medal [1899-1902]

1900 - 1913

China War Medal [1900]
King's South Africa Medal [1901-1902]
Tibet Medal [1903-1904]
Natal Rebellion Medal [1906]
Territorial Force Efficiency Medal [1908]
India General Service Medal [1908-1935]
Delhi Durbar Medal 1911 [1911]


1914 Star [1914]
1914-15 Star [1914-1915]
British War Medal [1914-1920]
Inter-Allied Victory Medal [1914-1918]
Territorial Force War Medal [1914-1919]


Efficiency Medal [1930]

World War Two

1939-45 Star
The Atlantic Star
The Air Crew Europe Star
The Africa Star
The Pacific Star
The Burma Star
The Italy Star
The France and Germany Star
The Defence Medal
The War Medal

Post WW2

South Atlantic Medal [1982]
The Elizabeth Cross [2009]

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