9 May 2010

Tibet Medal

Authorised on 1st February 1905.

Awarded to all those who took part in the Tibet Mission and to the troops who accompanying it who served at or beyond Silgari between 13th December 1903 and 23rd September 1904.

36mm diameter medal featuring the bust of King Edward VII on the obverse and the legend EDWARDVS VII KAISAR-I-HIND. The reverse depicts the fortress of Potala Lhassa and the words TIBET 1903-4. The obverse of the medal was designed by G W De Saulles, and the reverse by E G Gillick. The medal was struck in silver and bronze.

32mm wide; a maroon band in the centre, then a white stripe either side, then green.

The same floreated swivelling suspender used for the India Medal (and later, India General Service Medal).

Thick running script.

One clasp was issued for Gyantse. This was awarded to all those who took part in the operation around Gyantse between 3rd May and 6th July 1904.

The photographs are courtesy of Aberdeen Medals, whilst British Battles and Medals, as always, has been invaluable in putting together the information.