10 July 2009

King's South Africa Medal (KSA)


Boer War. Issued to all those who were in a theatre of war on or after 1st January 1902 and who had completed 18 months’ service in the conflict before 1st June 1902.

Silver, 36mm diameter, with the same swivelling suspension as that on the Queen’s South Africa Medal (QSA). The obverse portrays the bust of King Edward VII (facing left) in field marshal's uniform with the legend EDWARDUS VII REX IMPERATOR. The reverse is the same as the reverse of the 3rd version QSA, namely Britannia, her trident and shield on the ground behind her, holding a standard in her left hand and offering a wreath (pointing to the letter F of AFRICA) with her right. A column of soldiers advances towards and past her whilst at her back, battleships can be seen offshore. The words SOUTH AFRICA are written above.

From the left, equal widths of green, white and orange.

Impressed in sans serif capitals. There are some known examples of officers’ medals which have been engraved.

Two clasps were awarded: South Africa 1901 (awarded to all those who served in South Africa between 1st January 1901 and the 31st December 1901 inclusive)and South Africa 1902 (awarded to all those who served in South Africa between 1st January 1902 and the 31st May 1902 inclusive).

The KSA was never issued on its own and was always paired with the Queen’s South Africa Medal (QSA). Nurses received the KSA without clasps.

Alexander Burns and George A J Welch, commemorated on this site, both served during the Second Boer War and received the QSA and KSA.

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