7 July 2009

Territorial Force Efficiency Medal


Awarded to NCOs and men who had completed twelve years’ service with the Territorial Force, with war service counting double. Service did not have to be concurrent.

49,526 TFEMs were awarded, 835 with a one bar and 64 with two bars (see below).

Silver oval medal, 38mm high and 31mm wide. The obverse bears the head of the reigning monarch with legend. Two monarchs appeared on this medal: King Edward VII and King George V. For King Edward VII, the legend reads: EDWARDUS VII REX IMPERATOR. For King George V, the legend reads GEORGIUS BRITT: OMN: REX: ET: IND: IMP.

The reverse carries the inscription: TERRITORIAL FORCE EFFICIENCY MEDAL. An ornate claw mount on the medal links to a metal loop through which the ribbon passes.

Green with yellow stripe running vertically through the middle.

Impressed in sans serif capitals around the edge.

Bars were awarded for further periods of 12 years’ service.

This award, instituted when the Territorial Force was formed, superseded the Volunteer Long Service And Good Conduct Medal. It was itself superseded in 1921 by the Territorial Efficiency Medal.

King George V TFEM image from BRITISHMEDALS.INFO

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