20 August 2009

Afghanistan Medal

Authorised on 19th March 1881.

Awarded to all those who took part in the Afghanistan campaigns of 22nd November 1878 to 26th May 1879 and 3rd September 1879 to 20th September 1880.

Silver, 31mm diameter with plain, swivelling suspender. The obverse portrays the crowned and draped head of Queen Victoria and the legend VICTORIA REGINA ET IMPERATRIX. The reverse (above) depicts marching and mounted troops and an elephant carrying a cannon. The word AFGHANISTAN appears around the top, and the dates 1878-79-80 at the bottom. The obverse was designed by J E H Boehm and the reverse by R Caldecott.

Green with crimson stripe on each edge.

A variety of different styles. Medals to British troops were engraved in upright or sloping capitals whilst those awarded to natives are found in capitals or script.

Six bars were issued and these are listed below.

1. Ali Musjid
Awarded for the action of 11th July 1882.

2. Peiwar Kotal
Awarded for the action of 2nd December 1878.

3. Charasia
Awarded for the action of 6th October 1879

4. Kabul
Awarded for those involved in operations at or near Kabul between 10th and 23rd December 1879, including the column under Brigadier General C J S Gough which joined Sir Frederick Roberts VC on 24th December that year.

5. Ahmed Khel
Awarded for the action of 29th April 1880.

6. Kandahar
Awarded for the action of 1st September 1880 and also to those who took part in the reconnaissance of the city the previous day but who did not take part in the attack.

Sixteen Victoria Crosses were awarded for valour during the Afghan campaign and five generals who were VC holders also took part in the campaign.

The Kabul to Kandahar Star was usually issued with the Afghanistan Medal (with Kandahar clasp) and was made from guns captured from the army of Ayub Khan. It was awarded to all those who took part in General Roberts’s three hundred mile march from Kabul to Kandahar between 9th and 31st August 1880.

Image borrowed from the Dixons Medals website.

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