26 August 2009

Kabul to Kandahar Star

Authorised on 19th March 1881.

It was awarded to all those who took part in General Roberts’s three hundred mile march from Kabul to Kandahar between 9th and 31st August 1880.

A five-pointed star with a ball between all of the points except the two uppermost where a crown is fixed. The obverse has the mongram VRI in the centre. Around the border is KABVL TO KANDAHAR and the date 1880 at the bottom. The reverse is plain except for naming in the hollow centre (see below). Designer unknown; manufactured by H Jenkins & Sons of Birmingham.

38mm wide and a rainbow pattern of red, white, yellow, white, blue.

Indented capitals to British troops; engraved in capitals and script to natives.

None issued.

The Kabul to Kandahar Star was usually issued with the Afghanistan Medal (with Kandahar clasp) and was made from guns captured from the army of Ayub Khan.

Errors in naming to Foot instead of Regt have been found (Childers' 1881 reforms saw the old Regiments of Foot giving way to new County Regiments).

Image borrowed from the Dixons Medals website.

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