10 September 2009

Ashantee Medal

1st June 1874

Those serving in Major-General Sir Garnet Wolseley's campaign against the Ashantis between 9th June 1873 and 4th February 1874.

36mm diameter medal, silver and bronze, featuring the veiled head of Queen Victoria on the obverse and the legend VICTORIA REGINA. The reverse depicts a bush-fighting scene around a tree between British soldiers and Ashanti tribesemen.

The obverse of the medal was designed by Leonard Charles Wyon (1826-1891). The reverse was designed by Sir Edward John Poynter (1836-1919), many of whose works can be seen at The Tate Gallery in London.

32mm wide. Yellow with black borders and two thin black stripes down the centre.

The recipient's name engraved in roman capitals. The rim dated 1873-4.

One clasp was awarded for this medal - Coomassie. However, those men who later qualified for the East and West Africa Medal ( for various operations between 1887 and 1900) were awarded the bar/s only which were then to be attached to the Ashantee Medal.

The Coomassie clasp was awarded to all those who were present at the battle of Amoaful on 21st January 1874 and in the actions between Amoaful and Coomassie, including the capture of the capital on 4th February 1874.

The photograph is taken from Spink's July 2009 medal auction catalogue, whilst British Battles and Medals has been invaluable in putting together the information.

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