6 September 2009

Indian Mutiny Medal

Originally sanctioned by General Order No. 363 dated 18th August 1858 and No. 733 of 1859 to all troops engaged against the mutineers, this was later extended by General Order 771 in 1868 to all persons who had borne arms or been under fire.

Qualification:See above.

A silver, 36mm diameter medal featuring the diademed head of Queen Victoria on the obverse and the legend VICTORIA REGINA. The reverse depicts the standing, helmeted figure of Britannia. She faces left and holds a wreath in her right outstreched hand. Over her left arm is a shield and behind her the British lion. The word INDIA is written above her, and the dates 1857-1858 beneath.

The obverse of the medal was designed by William Wyon who was the official chief engraver of the Royal Mint from 1828 until his death in 1851. (See alsothe Army of India Medal). The reverse was designed by his eldest son, Leonard Charles Wyon (1826-1891) who became Second Engraver at the Royal Mint in 1844 and who succeeded his father as Modeler and Engraver in 1851.

Ribbon:32mm wide. White with two 6mm scralet stripes.

The recipient's name and regiment, or ship, indented in roman capitals.

Five fish-tailed clasps were issued and these are listed below. Around 290,000 medals were also issued without clasps, the result of the 1868 General Order.

1. Delhi
Awarded to troops involved in the recapture of Delhi between 30th May and 14th September 1857.

2. Defence of Lucknow
Awarded to original defenders, the relief force and a few civilians. The qualifying period was 29th June - 22nd November 1857.

3. Relief of Lucknow
Awarded to troops under Sir Colin Campbell who were involved in the relief of the city in November 1857.

4. Lucknow
Awarded to troops who took part in the final operations resulting in the capture of Lucknow between November 1857 and March 1858.

5. Central India
Awarded to those who served under Major-General Sir Hugh Rose against Jhansi, Calpee and Gwalior, and those who served with Major-General Roberts in the Rajpatana Field Force and Major-General Whitlock of the Madras Column between January and June 1858.

The photograph is taken from Dix Noonan's September 2009 auction catalogue whilst British Battles and Medals has been invaluable in putting together the information.

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