18 October 2009

Jellalabad Medals


Awarded to men who took part in the defence of - and withstood the siege of - Jellalabad (now Jalalabad) in Afghanistan between 12th November 1841 and 7th April 1842.

Two versions of the medal were issued, generally referred to as the Mural Crown (first type) and Flying Victory (second type).

First Type Description:
Silver, 39mm diameter, with a straight steel suspender fastened by a pin. The obverse portrays a mural crown and the word JELLALABAD. The reverse carries the date VII APRIL 1842. The image above shows a replacement suspension.

This medal was struck in Calcutta but was considered (understandably) inartistic. Furthermore, not enough medals were struck to issue to the next of kin. Consequently, a second type was struck in London (below). A free exchange was offered to men who had received the first type but it is recorded that only five men of the 13th Regiment of Foot took up the offer.

Second Type Description:
Silver, 36mm diameter with a straight steel suspender fastened by a pin. The obverse portrays the diademed head of Queen Victoria with the words VICTORIA VINDEX. A few medals were later struck with the words VICTORIA REGINA. The reverse depicts winged Victory holding the Union Jack in her left hand and wreaths in her right. Around the top is the inscription JELLALABAD VII APRIL and in the exergue, the date MDCCCXLII.

The medal was designed by William Wyon (1795-1851) who was the official chief engraver of the Royal Mint from 1828 until his death.

Watered rainbow pattern: red, white, yellow, white, blue.

Different types of naming exist for the The Mural Crown type: around the edge and on the obverse under the crown. The medal was not officially named when first issued.

Winged Victory naming is in the form of indented block capitals around the edge.

None issued.

British Battles and Medals notes that 2654 medals were issued in total.

The photographs are taken from the Spink & Son July 2009 auction catalogue whilst British Battles and Medals has been invaluable in putting together the information.