20 June 2010

Arctic Medal

Sanctioned on 28th November 1876.

Awarded to the crew of the HMS Alert and HMS Discovery for Arctic exploration between 17th July 1875 and 2nd November 1876. Also authorised to be awarded to the crew of the private yacht Pandora which made two voyages to the Arctic between 25th June and 19th October 1875, and 3rd June and 2nd November 1876.

36mm diameter silver medal with milled edge featuring the crowned and veiled bust of Queen Victoria on the obverse, and the legend VICTORIA REGINA 1876. The reverse depicts a three-masted ship bound in pack ice. The obverse was designed by George Gammon Adams (1821-1898) and the reverse by Leonard Charles Wyon (1826-1891).

32mm wide; watered white.

Swivelling straight suspender.

In small block lettering.

None issued.

Photograph courtesy of Dix Noonan Webb. British Battles and Medals, as always, has been invaluable in putting together the information.

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