4 September 2011

Gwalior Campaign Stars

By a General Order dated 4th January 1844

Awarded to troops under the command of Sir Hugh Gough or Major-General Grey for separate actions which took place on the 29th December 1843. Gough's force defeated the Mahrattas at Maharajpoor at a cost of 800 men, whilst Grey lost approximately 215 men in his defeat of the Mahrattas at Punniar.

50mm diameter, bronze six-pointed star with smaller silver six-pointed star within. The obverse has the date, 29TH DECr which appears in the centre, and around the edge the year 1843. Either MAHARAJPOOR (as in the example above) or PUNNIAR (below) also appear. The reverse is plain except for the naming.

45mm wide, watered red, white, yellow, white and blue.

Various suspenders subsequently used, although British Battles and Medals notes that the medal was probably originally intended to be worn directly on the jacket, with brass hooks fitted on the reverse.

In script on the reverse.

The stars were made from captured guns. As the two actions were fought on the same day, twenty miles apart, it was impossible for one recipient to be entitled to more than one star.

Dix Noonan Webb for the images, British Battles & Medals for the background.

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