23 November 2014

Imperial British East Africa Company Medal

Initially awarded for bravery and later, after the company ceased to exist, claims made on the basis of campaign service.

The Imperial British East Africa Company received its charter in September 1888 and was wound up in October 1895. The following campaigns were in the company's jurisdiction:

1. Campaign against the sultan of Witu (1890)
2. Uganda Religious War 1891-92
The medal is 40mm, made of silver and extremely scarce. There are only 29 confirmed medals and post 1895 authorisations.

The company's arms of a crowned sun and ascroll underneath with the motto, LIGHT AND LIBERTY. The Arabic inscription beneath that translates as 'The Reward of Bravery'. Around the outer edge, the name of the company: THE IMPERIAL BRITISH EAST AFRICA COMPANY.

Plain, except for a lotus flower wreath.

Plain blue

A plain ring suspender (above) or a swivelling scroll suspender (below).

Engraved on the edge or the reverse.

None issued.

Dix Noonan Webb for the two images from past auction sales; British Battles and Medals for the background. 

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