2 August 2015

15669 Pte Robert Chapman, 1st Grenadier Guards - PoW

As a postscript to my February 2014 about Grenadier Guardsman Robert Chapman, I discovered, quite by accident this morning, that he was also a Prisoner of War. Many men taken prisoner of war in 1914 have this information recorded on their medal index cards. However, the practice is not universal and neither is the year or date of capture usually mentioned. Grenadier Guards medal index cards are not annotated with this information and it was only when I was looking at my database of 1914 Other Rank PoWs earlier this morning that I noticed Robert Chapman was on that list.

According to British records he was captured on the 27th October 1914, although German records note that he was taken prisoner on the 26th. Either way, it's a nice discovery for me and makes this interesting group even more appealing.

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