2 July 2009

The Elizabeth Cross

Announced by the MoD on Wednesday 1st July 2009.

Awarded to the next of kin of members of the armed forces killed in action or as a result of terrorist attack since September 1945.

The Elizabeth Cross is the first award to be issued by a reigning British monarch since 1940.

Dimensions unknown. Issued in sterling silver. Cross surmounted on laurel wreath with E II R and crown in the centre of the cross. The four compass points of the cross bear the English rose (north), Scottish thistle (east), Irish shamrock (south) and Welsh daffodil (west). The medal is manufactured by Gladman and Norman. Issued in presentation box.

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Not known.

Awarded with a miniature Elizabeth Cross and memorial scroll signed by HM Queen Elizabeth II. Families of personnel who lost their lives before 2000 have to apply for the award. Those who have died since 2000 will be contacted by the Ministry of Defence.

MoD Crown Copyright.

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