9 August 2019

First World War medal groups for sale

First World War medals for salepaulcanixon@yahoo.co.uk

G-1809 Pte. A. Lilywhite. R. Suss. R
I have various First World War medal groups for sale. Contact me if you would like to buy any medals on this page or if you would like to see additional photos. I also have single First World War Victory Medals and single British War Medals for sale. Postage extra.

11066 WO Cl II A E Betts MGC and R Sussex Regt

Warrant Officer Class II A. E. Betts, Machine Gun Corps & Royal Sussex Regt

British War and Victory Medals (11066 W.O. Cl.2 A. E. Betts. M.G.C.); Army Long Service & Good Conduct medal, G.V.R., 2nd issue, fixed suspension (..7451 C. Sjt. A. E. Betts R. Suss. R.). 

These medals have been well-loved and polished as can be seen, above. The LSGC medal number is worn; an army number ending in 7451. Royal Sussex Regt numbers were within the series  6390001 to 6446000 so the full number was possibly 6397451. This man almost certainly has papers extant with the MoD £100.

SD-578 Sjt H J Chandler, 11th Royal Sussex Regiment

SD-578 Sjt H J Chandler R Suss R

SD-578 Serjeant Harold James Chandler was born in Rotherfield, Sussex and enlisted at Hurstmonceux in September 1914, an early volunteer and an original member of the 11th Royal Sussex regiment (1st South Down battalion). Appears to have survived the assault on the Boar's Head on 30th June 1916 unscathed but was KiA on the 18th September 1917 when a shell burst on a sap exit whilst the battalion was being relieved by the 17th KRRC "... killing 7 ORs including sniping, police and gas serjeants..." [battalion war diary]. Buried in La Clytte Military Cemetery, Belgium; entitled to pair & plaque etc SOLD.

G-39867 Pte Sidney Daniels, 6th & 1st  Bns,The Queen's

G-39867 Pte S Daniels, The Queen's

Born on the 18th September 1885, G-39867 Pte Sydney (or Sidney) Daniels attested under the Derby Scheme on the 10th December 1915 and almost certainly joined The Queen's in France on the 31st March 1918 having previously trained in the UK with one or more training reserve battalions. He served with the 6th and 1st Battalions overseas and his name appeared in casualty list published 31st October 1917 which gives place of residence as Willesden Green, NW. Discharged 18th May 1918 aged 32 years and eight months. Sold with copied research. Entitled to pair and SWB. £60.

SD-3943 Pte J T Hughes, 11th R Sussex Regt

SD-3943 Pte. J. T. Hughes. R. Suss. R.

Private John Thomas Hughes, 11th (1st South Downs) Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment
British War and Victory Medals (SD-3943 Pte. J. T. Hughes. R. Suss. R.), above, together with three Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes Jewels, below; 
the first a Somerton Lodge Jewel, silver-gilt and enamel, the reverse engraved ‘Presented to Bro. J. T. Hughes by the Somerton Lodge No. 2566 Raised to 2nd Degree Sept 2nd 1925’, with top ‘Primo’ riband bar; the second a Grove House Orphange, Harrogate, Donor’s Badge, gilt and enamel, the reverse inscribed ‘Presented to Bro. J. Hughes C.P., Donor’, with top ‘Donor’ riband bar; and the third a First Degree Jewel, silver-gilt and enamel, unnamed, with top riband bar, generally very fine

John Thomas Hughes' regimental number dates to early 1915. His name appears twice in casualty rolls, the first in a extensive list of Sussex Regiment casualties published in The Times on the 20th July 1916. This suggests that he was a casualty during the Boer's Head assault on the 30 June 1916. The second appearance dates to the 14th September 1917 and suggests that he was a casualty in August 1917. This gives his place of residence as Newport. The battalion took part in the 3rd Battle of Ypres which commenced on the 31st July 1917, sustaining 150 OR casualties on the 31st. No significant action or casualties noted after the 1st August and so almost certainly a 3rd Ypres casualty. Pair and RAOB jewels sold with copied research which will be emailed. Photos above. £150.

G-6565 Pte Charles Lee, 11th Royal Sussex Regt

G-6565 Pte C Lee R Suss R

G-6565 Pte Charles Lee was KiA on the 3rd June 1917 whilst serving with the 11th Battalion, Royal Sussex Regt. Buried in Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery, commemorated on the Chailey war Memorial in Sussex. £120.

G-1809 Pte. A. Lilywhite. R. Suss. R

Private Albert Lilywhite, 8th (Pioneer) Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment, who was wounded in action during the Battle of the Somme at Trones Wood on 13 July 1916, which necessitated his right arm being amputated. Trio sold with copied research which will be emailed. Photo at the top of this page. £120.

G-2023 Pte B A Whiter, 8th R Sussex Regt

G-2023 Pte. B. A. Whiter. R. Suss R.

Bertie Alfred Whiter attested for the Royal Sussex Regiment  in the first week of September 1914 and served with the 8th (Pioneer) Battalion during the Great War on the Western Front from 24 July 1915. Wounded in late 1916 (he appears in a casualty list published on the 11th Jan 1917), following the cessation of hostilities he was discharged to Class ‘Z’ of the Army Reserve on the 25th February 1919. Trio sold with copied research which will be emailed. Photo above. £100.

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